Pennsylvanians will not tolerate Sen. Mastriano’s unacceptable abuse of power!

Pennsylvania Senate

State Senator Doug Mastriano has spent months attempting to overturn Pennsylvania’s election -- even attending the armed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in January. [1]

And now, he’s taking his extremism to a new level -- pushing to replicate Arizona’s sham election review, which has irrevocably destroyed ballots and voting machines -- undermining voters’ faith in our election system as a result.

It’s an unacceptable abuse of power -- Pennsylvanians have spent enough money indulging Sen. Mastriano’s fantasies of overturning the presidential election results. Now, it’s time to move on.

Sign our petition: The Pennsylvania Senate must shut down this costly, sham review of our election system before it starts.


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This year’s elections were safe, secure, and more accessible than any in Pennsylvania’s history -- and importantly, they’ve already been audited using a routine, legitimate procedure called a risk-limiting audit.

But instead of moving forward, Senator Doug Mastriano is attempting to force Pennsylvanians to subsidize his fantasies and political ambitions by replicating the sham election review happening in Arizona. That’s unacceptable, and the Senate must shut down these efforts immediately.