Petition for an Emergency SAS Meeting on Layoffs

Executive Dean Peter March

Petitioning: Executive Dean Peter March

SAS faculty, please sign this petition to trigger an emergency meeting regarding the non-rehiring of PTLs and the layoff of staff members, as per our bylaws. Please include your title in the comments field.

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To: Executive Dean Peter March
From: [Your Name]


​Under Article 4, Section 1 of the SAS bylaws​, the undersigned request that Executive Dean Peter March convene a special meeting of the full SAS faculty to discuss the administration’s intention to not rehire part-time lecturers and to lay off administrative staff. This special meeting of faculty and senior SAS administrators must be held on or before October 15, 2020.

The agenda should include the following items:

1. Discussion of University finances (David Hughes)
2. Impact of PTL non-rehiring (Andrew Goldstone and member of PTLFC)
3. The impact of staff layoffs (member of URA-AFT)
4. The School’s plan for layoffs (Executive Dean Peter March)
5. Question and answer