Petition for the introduction of online education


The goal: Use digital technology and modern teaching methods to improve people's knowledge and skills

The problem: As we have already found out, educational institutions, including higher ones, do not always keep up with new trends and technological progress. As a result, their education does not always prepare trained professionals. Often people who have just received a diploma go out into the world with outdated knowledge and skills that quickly lose their relevance. It is difficult for a person to find a decent job and compete with other specialists.

The solution: Progress cannot be stopped. You can use it for your own purposes. Modern digital technologies open up unlimited opportunities for communication and information transfer between people. We must use them for better learning. Today there are education platforms such as Lectera and online courses for different areas of human activity. They effectively provide new knowledge and develop various useful skills. Some people despite having a diploma change their profession altogether. You can't be satisfied with what has already been achieved. It's necessary to introduce online education among the population. People must understand that new knowledge can be obtained not only in educational institutions. In addition, online courses are more comfortable, cheaper, and suitable for absolutely everyone. We'll solve the problem of professional incompetence and irrelevant professions when self-education and online education will enter a new, higher level.
Petition by
Robert Nolen
Bellmead, Texas

To: people
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Digital technologies and online platforms can and should help people develop their skills