Petition for Town Hall on Gun Violence

Senator Bob Corker, Senator Lamar Alexander, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann

We demand a live town hall with our lawmakers on gun violence on April 7, the date of the national Town Hall for Our Lives movement.

Change cannot happen without accountability from our lawmakers. One week after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland students approached their legislators and asked them what they would do to address the gun violence epidemic. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, we must do the same. Congress is on recess until April 9, but there are no town halls scheduled in Tennessee during this time. Records show that Sen. Alexander and Rep. Fleischmann have not shown up to a single live town hall since January 1, 2017. Join the change—sign this petition so that our legislators will listen to their bosses: the people.

To: Senator Bob Corker, Senator Lamar Alexander, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann
From: [Your Name]

We, the people of Chattanooga, urge you to attend a town hall meeting with us on the issue of gun violence.

Regardless of where any individual stands on the complex issue of gun violence, we believe that it can no longer be ignored. Beyond mass shootings such as the recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, gun violence kills 38,000 Americans every year, comparable to the number of annual deaths from the opioid crisis. It is a public health crisis that affects various people—be it the high-school student who fears a school shooting, the family in an urban community, or the mother with a family member affected by mental illness.

We know that gun violence has many facets and cannot be solved with a single solution, and that is precisely why we urge you to have an honest discussion with us. We represent people from different backgrounds, different neighborhoods, different ages, and different views.

One week after the shooting in Parkland, students approached their lawmakers in a town hall. We are optimistic that we will see the same accountability from you. Please join us soon.