Petition: Make ALL of Hopkins Street Safe for Walking and Biking!

City of Berkeley Mayor and Councilmembers

Photo of a multi-generational group of people, many with bicycles in front of Hopkins Street businesses

The City of Berkeley has an exciting opportunity to bring safety and more mobility choices to all when Hopkins is repaved. Berkeley City Council approved pedestrian safety features, transit improvements, and protected bike lanes for eastern Hopkins (from Sutter Street to Gilman Street) in May 2022. However, the City has not decided how far west of Gilman to extend the improvements and in April 2023 the City indefinitely postponed this nearly final project, citing staff shortages.

In addition, a vocal, organized group of neighbors is trying to derail the plan, asking the City Council to prioritize car parking over safe routes to schools and shops on Hopkins for all Berkeleyans.  

We need your help - please sign this petition to make sure Berkeley’s Mayor and City Council stay committed to the approved eastern segment design and extends safety improvements to the western end of Hopkins. Berkeley can’t afford to miss this opportunity to make Hopkins safe, sustainable, and vibrant!

More information on this project is available here.

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To: City of Berkeley Mayor and Councilmembers
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We strongly support making ALL of Hopkins Street safe for people walking and riding bikes, scooters or other micromobility devices when the street is repaved.

Adding pedestrian safety features, transit improvements, and protected bike/micromobility lanes on all of Hopkins Street will create safe routes and mobility options for people of all ages and abilities to access the treasured schools and shops on Hopkins.

We call on you to show your commitment to Berkeley’s Vision Zero road safety, climate action, and equity goals. Hold firm on the approved Hopkins design for the eastern end, from Sutter to Gilman, and extend safety improvements and access west of Gilman all the way to Kains.