Petition on Weather Crisis

PCC President and Board of Directors

On Wednesday, February 22, PCC administration caused a nightmare for staff and students by failing to close campuses in a timely manner.

Although snow had been falling in the Portland area since the morning and roads in east Portland had become dangerous by early afternoon, students, faculty and staff did not receive a text message notice of closure until 4:18 pm (in comparison, Mount Hood Community College gave closure notice by 11:34am, and Portland Public Schools by 1:53pm). This delay of just a few hours resulted in countless staff and students getting caught in the rush-hour storm when they could have made it home safely much earlier. Many were stuck in standstill traffic for hours. Some have been forced to sleep in their freezing vehicles or abandon them and get hotel rooms for the night.

This is completely unacceptable.

FFAP is preparing to file a Health and Safety grievance on behalf of affected members. As a remedy, we demand that:

  1. Any PCC employee or student who was impacted by the closure’s delayed announcement receives compensation of $300.

  2. Future closure decisions due to inclement weather or other emergency be decided by a committee that includes union representation from the Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals and the Federation of Classified Employees.

This incident is a reminder that decisions made in isolation of those they most affect – staff and students – are inadequate for a safe and functioning college. If PCC administration is unable to appropriately act when it matters most, then we must lead.


To: PCC President and Board of Directors
From: [Your Name]

I support this petition and I urge you to take immediate action and provide the faculty, staff, and students at PCC the remedies stated in the petition.