Petition to Accept Bob Caslen's Resignation

University of South Carolina Board of Trustees

From the very beginning, Bob Caslen’s presidency has been filled with dishonesty. Despite being completely unqualified for the position, he was appointed as President thanks to back-room deals and partisan maneuvering in the face of massive student and faculty opposition.

This dishonesty continued after he became President. His administration helped cover up allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against professors and staff, and failed to take real action after the allegations finally received widespread attention. More information on this can be found at

His recent plagiarism during his Commencement address is just another example of a presidency filled with lies and incompetence. Caslen is not being held to the same standards of integrity as UofSC students, who would face disciplinary action for any instance of plagiarism.

The first honest thing he’s done as president was to submit his resignation to the Board of Trustees this weekend. Perhaps he realized that he’s unfit for the job, something that students, faculty, staff, and alumni have known since the beginning.

As per the Post and Courier, the Board of Trustees rejected his resignation. How can students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel confident in a president who doesn't even have confidence in himself? How can the Board have confidence in him when nobody else does?

We demand that the Board of Trustees accept President Caslen’s resignation, and replace him with a President who has the Carolina Community’s trust.

The Coalition to Fire David Voros

Carolina Socialists

College Democrats

Feminist Revolutionary Coalition

Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Students for Justice in Palestine

United Campus Workers at the University of South Carolina


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Bob Caslen has a lot to be ashamed of, and this resignation is long overdue. Let's make it happen, and get a new president who actually plans to #FireAllAbusers.