Decriminalize Entheogenic Plant Practices and Take Steps Towards Ending the War on Drugs

Village of New Paltz


On March 24th, we will be presenting our proposed resolution to the New Paltz Village Board. If you are a resident, please sign this petition and consider writing a paragraph testimonial to add your voice and show your support.

What this resolution does:

1) Makes the possession, use, cultivation, exchange, and ceremonial practice of Entheogenic (Psychedelic) Plants and Fungi the lowest law enforcement priority for the Village.

2) Prevents the use of funds or resources from being used in the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of individuals taking part in the above activities.

3) Makes the use and possession of all controlled substances the lowest law enforcement priority and directs local officials to consider these activities first and primarily as an issue of public health.

4) Calls upon the Ulster County District Attorney to cease prosecution of the above activities.

5) Signals the importance of decriminalization to state and federal lawmakers.

What this resolution does NOT do:

1) Allow for commercial sales of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi.

2) Allow for possessing or distributing these materials in schools.

3) Allow for Driving under the influence of these materials.

4) Allow for Public Disturbance.

5) Shield you from prosecution by state and federal law enforcement.

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To: Village of New Paltz
From: [Your Name]

Dear New Paltz Village Board,

As residents of New Paltz we support the resolution to Decriminalize Entheogenic Plant Practices and Take Steps Towards Ending the War on Drugs.

We urge you to vote in favor at the meeting on March 24th.

Thank you.