Horsham Township Council

On June 14, Horsham Township Council heard a presentation on redistricting reform and was urged to adopt the Fair Districts PA resolution that advocates for it. The resolution is a pledge in support of fair, independent, nonpartisan redistricting reform. It calls on every elected official who represents the voters of Horsham Township to publicly promote and work for passage of legislation that will put an end to gerrymandering.  

The goal of the resolution is to build consensus around reform and put pressure on the elected officials we’re dependent on to get our bills out of committee and passed. At this point, neither Representative Stephens nor Senator Greenleaf are co-sponsors of HB722 or SB22. Please sign and forward this petition to fellow Horsham residents who believe it’s important that everyone’s vote counts!

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To: Horsham Township Council
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WE, THE PEOPLE, residents of Horsham Township, Pennsylvania, call upon Horsham Township Council to publicly support and work for the enactment of legislation that will end gerrymandering and guarantee independent, fair, nonpartisan redistricting reform immediately following the 2020 census.