Impeach Student Body President Connor Clegg

Texas State University Student Government Association

In response to several inappropriate, unconstitutional, unethical, unthoughtful, and abusive actions committed by Texas State University Student Body President Connor Clegg, we the students of Texas State University, his constituents, call for a trial of impeachment.

Connor Clegg has consistently abused his power as Student Body President on multiple occasions and displayed adamant disrespect and disregard for the struggles of our undocumented students and students of color. Most recently, however, Clegg has threatened and attempted censorship of the University Star and its contributing student authors because of a controversial column in conflict with his own personal view. By using the official Texas State Student Government twitter account and his position as president to publish his demands in an official manner, he has has failed to represent the issues of the student body over his own personal agenda and threatened the free speech of the only student-run newspaper on campus.

In review of this, we find Clegg in violation of the multiple articles of the Texas State University Student Government Code and Constitution listed below:

  1. As stated in Article II, Section 3 of the Student Government Code of Ethics, "To serve the student body, beyond serving oneself, members of Student Government are dedicated to: (a) Represent our peers’ interests to University officials above that of our own opinion or that of University administrators or others."
  2. As stated in Article II, Section 5 of the Student Government Code of Ethics, "Members should demonstrate high standards of work and professional integrity. To exemplify membership in Student Government, you are expected to: (a) Maintain truthfulness, honesty, and do not compromise them for personal gain. (b) Not abuse power or position. (c) Act as an ethical and responsible representative of Student Government and Texas State University at all times and all places."
  3. As stated in Article II, Section 5 of the Student Government Code of Ethics, "Strengthen our organization through ethical and transparent
    practices by: ... (e) Check student opinion against your own and insure you are not confusing the two."

We, the undersigned, know Connor Clegg to be guilty to these complaints. Connor Clegg has violated the Texas State University Constitution on many accounts and thus unfit for his office. We call for his prompt impeachment.

Complete articles of impeachment will be presented before the Student Supreme Court with each violated section of the constitution and evidence.

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I am disappointed in the actions of our president. I have signed this petition to show my support of the motion to impeach student government president Connor Clegg.