President Biden: Be a Plastic-Free President

President Joseph Biden

Plastic pollution kills. It poisons our air, water and soil, kills seabirds, fish and marine mammals, and gets into our bodies.

Plastic will soon outweigh fish in the sea, and it’s in our drinking water and on our plates. Yet the fossil fuel industry plans to increase plastic production by 40% over the next decade.

President Biden can, and must, act on plastic pollution. We must stop producing more plastic and transform our throwaway economy to a regenerative one.

Sign this petition to join us in calling on President Biden to take bold action on plastic pollution.

Our coalition of 550+ diverse organizations has created a plan outlining the eight executive actions President Biden can take, with or without Congress, to fight the plastic pollution crisis. Sign now to join us in calling on him to be a #PlasticFreePresident.

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To: President Joseph Biden
From: lisa adamson

Dear President-Elect Biden,

The world faces an indisputable plastic pollution crisis. More than 99% of plastic is made from fossil fuels, and fracked gas is fueling an unprecedented boom in plastic production. Plastic is an environmental nightmare at every step of its life cycle.

Plastic production fuels the climate crisis, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and harming local communities with toxic air and water pollution.

Plastic pollutes and kills wildlife. It fills our rivers and oceans, chokes out wildlife, threatens public health, permeates our drinking water, and persists in the environment for centuries.

The solution to plastic pollution is clear: reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic produced. We can transform our extractive, throwaway economy to a regenerative, inclusive one that’s good for our country and creates U.S. jobs.

President Biden: we urge you to take the eight crucial actions outlined in the Presidential Plastics Action Plan, supported by more than 550 organizations. These actions will immediately set the nation on a pathway to a plastic-pollution-free future while longer-term measures that require action at all levels of government and society are developed.

Plastic pollution kills. We urge you to be a champion for communities, wildlife, and our future generations.

President Biden: be a #PlasticFreePresident.