Support our public schools, don't defund, disrupt or dismantle them!

NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Dean Skelos

Throughout NY state, parents, students, and teachers have rallied to protect our public schools from Governor's Cuomo's attempt to hold school aid hostage to his damaging policies to double-down on high-stakes testing, and divert funding to private schools and charters. Yet the Governor has called these peaceful protests “a tantrum of special interests,” adding: “Frankly, the louder special interests scream ... the more we know we’re right.”

We need to send a message to the Governor and our State Legislators that parents are NOT a special interest. We cannot allow our precious resources to be siphoned off to allow Cuomo and his billionaire donors attain their goal of privatizing our public schools.

So please sign this petition to Governor Cuomo, Speaker Heastie, and Majority Leader Skelos now.

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New York, NY

To: NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Dean Skelos
From: Melody Benitez

Please give our public schools the support they need instead of defunding and dismantling them. Parents are NOT a special interest; we have only one special interest – our children, and we’re fed up with too much testing, budget cuts, and punitive sanctions imposed on our children's schools and teachers.

I urge you to provide at least $1.8 billion in additional education funding this year.

And reject the following damaging proposals:

-NO to tying student test scores to teacher evaluation;

-NO to giving tax credits to millionaires for private or parochial school tuition;

-NO to raising the cap on charter schools, which could cost taxpayers as much as $830 million a year in rental subsidies alone.