US Officials: Defend American Sovereignty & Fight Foreign Election Influence

The 116th United States Congress & other US Elected Officials/Candidates


DemCast USA and grassroots partners have created the Pledge to Defend American Sovereignty because we want our politicians to overtly state that they will refuse and rebuke foreign support/interference in US elections, including monetary or in-kind support, campaign coordination, and digital/social media interference.

Apparently, given current circumstances, we have to ask for this...though we shouldn't have to. We need to know who will sign this pledge. And - almost more importantly - who won't.

Why Should You Sign This Petition?

We need to draw a line in the sand, and let our politicians know that we need them to pick a side on foreign interference in our elections.

All signatures gathered, along with all verbatim comments, will be shared with appropriate Congressional delegations (based on signers' zip codes) by November 30th, 2019. With a groundswell of energy, we can pressure our officials to sign this pledge.

Those politicians who do agree to take the pledge will be listed on, where we can track who has proactively agreed to the simple but incredibly important terms of the Pledge.

We hope that all politicians - on both sides of the aisle - agree to defend our sovereignty.

Pledge language below.

Petition by
Nick Knudsen
Portland, Oregon

To: The 116th United States Congress & other US Elected Officials/Candidates
From: [Your Name]

America is at a crossroads. Some of our politicians are soliciting and/or accepting foreign assistance to help them win elections. This flies in the face of our founders' fight for an America independent of foreign governments and influence. They fought for self-rule, and so should you.

We want you to draw a line in the sand, and let us know if you intend to defend American sovereignty. We want you to pledge to it (see pledge language below). If you agree to these statements/intentions, please visit

and/or send an email to to add your name to the list of politicians who are on the right side of history. Thank you in advance for standing up for democracy and protecting our sovereignty.


The Pledge to Defend American Sovereignty:

I have not knowingly accepted nor will I knowingly accept campaign contributions - liquid or in-kind - from foreign nationals. If I ever discover that foreign funds have been routed to my campaign, I will immediately return them to their source or donate them to charity, and report the matter to the FEC.

I have not nor will I ever solicit or accept any type of coordinated support from foreign nationals, entities or nations seeking to influence US elections. If I ever learn of any such interference, I will report the matter immediately to the FBI.

I do not condone, nor will I willingly accept, efforts by foreign nations or entities to interfere digitally in US elections. If I become aware of digital disinformation campaigns, botnets, or other forms of digital interference aimed at supporting my candidacy for office, I will report these efforts and immediately, publicly disavow them.

I believe that foreign nations/entities have no place in US elections. Our sovereignty as a nation in this digital age requires awareness, transparency & ethical conduct by candidates and politicians. I commit to doing my part to ensure that Americans - not foreign governments, agents or entities - get to set the course for our nation.