Pledge to have a conversation about foster care!


Oregonians: join us in our campaign to help kids in foster care!

We know what you’re thinking: you don’t have the time, space, money, or skills to be a foster parent. That’s okay. All we are asking for is a few moments of your time to discuss foster care and why it is important to you and your family. Foster care is important to a healthy community and most people don’t know how to help.

By simply having a conversation with us, your family, your coworkers, your friends, or your neighbors you could provide the spark that may ignite someone’s path to being a foster parent.

Of course, while our hope is everyone who reads this will become a foster parent, we know conversations make a difference.  You never know where a simple conversation can take you, or those close to you. There are more than 7,000 kids in need of foster homes on a regular basis. Let that sink in for a moment. 7,000 kids need a temporary home environment. Currently there are simply not enough homes to meet the need. The foster parents serving these kids need your support. Oregon needs your support.

Maple Star is determined to make a difference. This January, we are holding a pledge drive to have 100 conversations and raise awareness about foster care. One way we are reaching this goal is to hold Facebook Live conversations throughout the month of January to provide general information and answer any questions that you may have.

Facebook Live not good for you?  Our Foster Care Specialist  is available to meet with you and chat: at a coffee shop, over the phone, or any way that works best for you!  

Please sign our pledge and we will contact you to set it up!

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Devra Polack
Portland, Oregon

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Yes, let's do this! I'm willing to do my part and schedule 1 of 100 conversations about Oregon Foster care.