Pledge to stop donating to candidates who won't protect your email address

All U.S. political candidates and committees

Our email inboxes are a hot mess this campaign season -- and it's primarily because unethical actors in the political space (including certain digital fundraising firms, email vendors, and political committees) have recently established practices of buying, swapping and selling lists of emails, WITHOUT the permission of the email recipients.

So you donate to a candidate for State House in your area -- and suddenly you're bombarded with fundraising emails from candidates you've never heard of, running for office thousands of miles away. Unsubscribing really doesn't help -- your address has been sold multiple times already.

We as grassroots donors are not ATMs with bottomless pockets -- and the malarkey filling up our inboxes needs to stop.  

So take a stand today and let's build a movement of political donors who ask that our personal information not be sold, swapped or traded without our consent.

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To: All U.S. political candidates and committees
From: [Your Name]

When I give my personal information -- including my email address -- to you along with a donation, I expect you to keep that information private.

Therefore, I will no longer donate to any candidates or committees that does not promise to protect my privacy and NOT sell, swap or trade my email address to any other candidates without my affirmative permission.