Pledge to Vote YES for County Transit!

Voters of Oakland and Macomb Counties

Tens of thousands of our neighbors depend on public transit every day.

  • Transit is essential for seniors who can't drive to remain independent
    • for small businesses, who need reliable workers even if their car breaks down.
    • for working families who can't afford cars, gas, and insurance
    • for slowing the climate crisis with low-pollution alternatives
    • for vibrant communities where everyone can access their choice of jobs, homes, schools, shops, and everything our region offers.  

And we all depend on the essential workers who depend on transit!

Throughout Macomb and Oakland Counites, that transit depends on voter support of the County Transit millages on the Nov 8 ballot!

If you agree that transit is essential, pledge your support for the County Transit Millage today!

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To: Voters of Oakland and Macomb Counties
From: [Your Name]

Because transit is essential for seniors, students, businesses, and others;
Because we all depend on essential workers who depend on transit; and
Because our community is stronger when everyone has mobility options;

I pledge to vote YES to support the County Public Transit millage in my county!