Pledge Your Support to End Southeast Asian Deportations

DHS Secretary Mayorkas

For the past two decades, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao, and Hmong migrants have been unjustly targeted with detention and deportation. As many are refugees, we have been resettled in and lived in the United States for decades.

After generations of trauma and displacement, our communities are again facing such violence from immigration authorities. We demand an immediate end to the violence of deportation.

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We have developed a national policy platform introducing our legislative priorities that

(1) demands for the U.S. to take responsibility for the destabilization of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam due to it’s military intervention during the war,

(2) calls for immediate relief for our people who have been targeted for detentions and deportations since the early 2000s.

Deportation does not create safer communities. Instead, it rips families apart and ruptures the connections we rely on as migrants to thrive. Our lives are not disposable. We are worthy of dignity.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has long proven that it is a site of abuse, not justice. After family separation, inadequate healthcare, multiple deaths in ICE custody, ongoing neglect during a pandemic, and attempted cover-ups to shirk accountability, it is clear that detaining and deporting a human being is subjecting them to unjust cruelty.

The Department of Homeland Security must end the practice of deporting Southeast Asian migrants.

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To: DHS Secretary Mayorkas
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I am a constituent and a concerned human being, urging you to address the injustices faced by Southeast Asians. I support the Southeast Asian Deportation Relief Act.

Southeast Asian communities are being ripped apart by deportation, even after decades of war trauma. These deportations often send people to countries they've never known. The families impacted by these deportations are left with a cycle of grief and poverty as it becomes more difficult to make ends meet. We want our people home. We want dignity. I call on you to end ICE's practice of deporting Southeast Asian immigrants.