Progressive? Prove it: Water the Roots!

National Progressive Organizations

Please sign this petition to urge national progressive organizations to work together to share each of their local list members' contact information with one another in their local voting precincts.  

Such unprecedented cooperation by national groups would empower individual local activists to find one another, enabling them to take local action to create micro-local grassroots groups, to work effectively for local justice and community sustainability, and to build long-term people power!

(For a bit more background and to understand this petition in more context, please see this article.)

Petition by
Joe Libertelli
WASHINGTON, District of Columbia

To: National Progressive Organizations
From: [Your Name]

Whereas, now more than ever, progressives must work together to build community and to organize for the long term; and

Whereas, the endemic anonymity of modern American urban and suburban neighborhoods often separates kindred spirits, who might, if they knew one another, take solace, inspiration and action together; and

Whereas, in aggregate, the national progressive organizations have contact information for literally millions of potential local activists:

We the undersigned urge all authentically progressive national and regional organizations:

- to create a system that connects their local members with one another; and

- to actively campaign to urge their members to opt in to that system; and

- to work toward the creation of one million micro local, multi-issue, community-building grassroots activist groups that can work to develop the kind of deep connection to their neighbors of all political stripes, that will allow Americans to stand up to the elites of both major political parties and help America live up to its ideals - of democracy, and of liberty and justice for all.