Protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Senator Rob Portman

Tell Senator Portman to stand up for the rule of law and protect the Mueller investigation!  Support and share our petition aimed at preventing Trump from derailing the Mueller investigation by demanding Senator Portman: 1) support the Senate bill to protect Mueller; and 2) publicly warn Trump that Congress will take action if he impedes the investigation.

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Meryl Neiman
Columbus, Ohio
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To: Senator Rob Portman
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President Trump's recent comments suggest he might act to fire Special Counsel Mueller and/or Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein or otherwise attempt to derail the Mueller investigation. Any threat to Mueller's investigation is an unconstitutional attack on the rule of law and cannot be tolerated. As my Senator, I ask that you intervene to prevent the president from catapulting the country into Constitutional crisis.

Specifically, I join my fellow Ohioans in asking that you:
1) support the bipartisan bill to protect Mueller and publicly call on Leader McConnell to move that bill to the Senate floor for a vote; and
2) publicly warn President Trump that he must allow the investigation to go forward unimpeded or you and your Congressional colleagues will take immediate action.