Protect worker's rights at VU Manufacturing in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico!

Don Cunningham, President, VU Manufacturing

In the age of global capitalism guided by neoliberal free-trade policies, labor has become more and more fragmented worldwide, and U.S.-based corporations benefit from free-trade policies that further strengthen their abilities to accumulate profit by exploiting low-wage labor globally and to take advantage of policies that do not hold them accountable when violating labor rights. The ability of companies, like VU manufacturing, to abuse workers' rights to organize and bargain for fair pay and healthy working conditions, demands that we need to take action and to call out VU manufacturing for their violations!

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TO: VU Manufacturing HQ
Cc: VU customers – Marelli North America, Adient, Magna, Yanfeng; U.S. Department of Labor; U.S. Trade Representative

Workers at VU Manufacturing auto parts factory in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, have faced constant retaliation during their union organizing, and violations of their rights as workers to fair collective bargaining for better working conditions.

Amid mass layoffs, their demands to VU Manufacturing are:
1. That laid-off workers be compensated in accordance with Mexican Federal Labor Law.
2. That they be given a letter of recommendation for future jobs.
3. That they are not to be put on any job blacklist, which has been a threat made by the company. Everyone needs a job to support their families!
4. that their special union delegates Dario Soriano, treasurer of the La Liga Sindical Obrera Mexicana (LSOM, the Mexican Labor Union League) and Vicente Martinez, who were fired two months ago for attempting to speak to a company executive at the plant, be included in the severance package.