Water Protectors Not Terrorists: Repeal Jessica Reznicek’s Terrorist Enhancement!

Joe Biden, U.S. Congress

Tell Joe Biden & Congress: We are water protectors, not terrorist. non-violent direct action is climate action, not terrorism.

Jessica Reznicek plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to damage the Dakota Access Pipeline, an energy facility. On June 30th, 2021 Federal Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger set a dangerous legal precedent when she agreed with federal prosecutors that it was necessary to apply a domestic terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s case to deter others from taking similar actions.

The terrorism enhancement doubled Jessica’s sentence and unless changed could have frightening consequences for anyone seeking to protect the environment from corporate destruction.

The result of this decision is that Jessica will serve 8 years in prison, followed by 3 years supervised probation, and a restitution of $3,198,512.70 paid to Energy Transfer LLC for the actions she took in 2016 to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

What happens to Jessica, happens to all of us. The use of the terrorism enhancement in Jessica’s case is not only immoral and illegal, but if allowed to stick sets extremely dangerous precedent for movements seeking to protect the earth and water.

As a pipeline ruptured this July in the Gulf of Mexico setting the water on fire, record breaking temperatures are creating drought, unprecedented wildfires, and death from heat related illness. Germany and New York are experiencing deadly record breaking floods and it is extremely alarming that Joe Biden's Department of Justice's response to this unfolding crisis is labeling Climate Justice Activists as terrorists.

Unfortunately this trend is happening across the globe. Professor Julia Steinberger, a lead author with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, recently signed a letter with her other UN colleges and over 400 other scientists & academics from 32 countries, that raises the alarm on this trend of activists being criminalized with longer prison sentences, police repression, and more at a pivotal time in the fight against global heating.

Part of the letter reads, "But around the world today, those who put their voices and bodies on the line to raise the alarm are being threatened and silenced by the very countries they seek to protect. We are gravely concerned about the increasing criminalisation and targeting of climate protestors around the world." When hearing of Jessica's case Steinberger urged people to support Jessica saying, "As the climate and ecological crises escalate, so too will our activism. And so will the repression by governments corrupted by fossil fuel interests. Stand with Jessica Reznicek."

NASA Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus echoed this sentiment saying, "Jessica was sentenced to 8 years for protecting all of us from climate and ecological breakdown. She acted from necessity and from love. She is a hero, not a terrorist."

We unequivocally denounce labeling climate justice action and water protection as terrorism.

We demand our federally elected officials speak out against the use of this enhancement in Jessica’s case and take steps to repeal the law. We demand Joe Biden commute and/or pardon Jessica Reznicek to remove this enhancement.

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If you are a representative of an organization and would like your organization to sign on please fill out this form. For more information on Jessica's case and how to support visit our website, stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @FreeJessRez, and read stories about the case in the press below:

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To: Joe Biden, U.S. Congress
From: [Your Name]

I am extremely alarmed by the Department of Justice's choice to characterize Climate Justice Activists & Water Protectors as terrorists, while the deadly impacts of the climate crisis are being felt all around us. The Department of Justice in their use of the terrorism enhancement is prioritizing fossil fuel expansion over the wellbeing of human survival.

I stand in support of Jessica Reznicek. No one was hurt by Jessica’s actions. The use of the terrorism enhancement in Jessica's case was immoral and illegal. The court’s decision is a clear attempt to silence dissent and criminalize environmental protection.

Jessica was sentenced to 8 years, which is more than double what she would have gotten if she had not been labeled a terrorist. Whether or not I agree with Jess’s tactics, non-violently protecting water without injuring any person is never terrorism.

I unequivocally denounce labeling climate justice action and water protection

-I demand our federally elected officials speak out against the use of this enhancement in Jessica’s case and take steps in Congress to repeal the law.
-I demand Joe Biden commute and/or pardon Jessica Reznicek to remove this enhancement.