Pull Spectrum's Franchise Agreement!

NYC Elected Officials

Recently New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the decision to sue Spectrum/Charter communications for misleading customers by failing to deliver the faster Internet speed and performance they were promised.

What you may not know is Spectrum/Charter has also been dishonest with their IBEW Local 3 unionized employees in NYC.  For over two years Spectrum/Charter has refused to negotiate with the union members for a fair contract leading to a strike of more than 1,700 workers.

One of the key points of contention has been the targeted punishment of employees who advocate for their customers who deserve the services they were promised.

In addition, the company has proposed drastic health care cuts for unionized workers and wants to eliminate their retirement and health benefits.

Despite pleas from the city council and Mayor of NYC to bargain fairly; Charter/Spectrum would only discuss their wanted removal from the employee’s retirement and medical fund.

Charter/Spectrum's tactics are a clear example of union busting.

Click below to tell your elected official it’s time Spectrum/Charter Communications showed some respect to its workers, customers, and the elected officials of NYC.

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Charter/Spectrum’s franchise agreement allows it to operate in NYC with little to no competition. The company has used this near monopoly to rip off and raise rates on customers, cut services, charge for service it knew it was unable to provide (see law suit filed by NY Attorney General), and is attempting to take retirement and medical benefits away from 1,800 families.

Make Charter/Spectrum Cable abide by the commitments it has made to its employees, its customers, and New York City. I am signing this petition as my support for immediately pulling Charter/Spectrum’s franchise agreement with the City of New York