Raise Your Hand for Public Education

Governor Glenn Youngkin

Public schools are under attack in Virginia. Our Virginia Constitution demands that every child in Virginia receive a high-quality public education. For political reasons, forces are at work to undermine this right. Organizations are purposely sowing distrust of and disdain for our educational system in order to create division among  Americans about how we educate our next generation. They are proposing alternatives such as charter schools, anti-LGBTQ+ policies, sanitizing our history, and much more. Please join 4 Public Education (4PE) and concerned parents throughout the Commonwealth to raise your hand for public education. Sign the petition below to ask our Governor to support public education, get corporations out of the pockets of taxpayers, and halt the divisive, un-American attacks on this foundational pillar of our democratic society.

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Virginia has a proud and successful history of public education. We consistently rank among the best school systems in the country. Please join with us in ensuring our schools are managed at the local level, with minimal involvement of the state government or political intrusion, that private or charter schools do not drain much needed funding away from our public school budgets and that for-profit corporations do not succeed in turning the education of our children into a for-profit enterprise.