Hold RCPD Accountable: No Killer Cops On Stolen Land

U.S. Department of Justice, Rapid City Police Department, Pennington Sheriff's Department

Systemic racism continues to perpetuate the justification of police killing our relatives. Rapid City Police violence has continued to plague our community. From 2001-2023 there have been 79 police involved shootings statewide, 0 convictions of police officers. 75% of the fatal shooting victims were Indigenous People. We must hold the police state accountable now!

This petition aims to send a powerful message to the Rapid City Police Department, the Pennington Sheriff's Department , and the U.S. Department of Justice; We stand together to declare that we will no longer tolerate killings by the police in our community. Our collective responsibility is to ensure justice, safety, and equal treatment for all residents of Rapid City.

#RapidCityVSRacism #NoKillerCopsOnStolenLand

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To: U.S. Department of Justice, Rapid City Police Department, Pennington Sheriff's Department
From: [Your Name]

I write this letter to express a unified stance with all residents of Rapid City / Mni Luzahan, to declare that we will no longer tolerate killings by the police in our community.

Collectively, we firmly believe that fostering a just and inclusive society requires the implementation of meaningful changes to address the systemic harms perpetrated by and issues within Rapid City law enforcement agencies.

With this petition, we present our 7 demands, which we consider vital steps toward achieving accountability and ending violence against Indigenous Peoples:

1) End the killing of Indigenous Peoples people by the police: Indigenous communities have disproportionately suffered from police violence. We demand immediate action to put an end to these injustices and ensure the safety and well-being of Indigenous Peoples at the hands of law enforcement.

2) An immediate civil rights inquiry into the Rapid City Police Department and Pennington County Sheriff's Office: Indigenous communities across the United States have long endured systemic discrimination and disproportionate targeting by law enforcement agencies. The reported incidents and documented cases of over-criminalization and racial bias against Indigenous individuals in Rapid City and Pennington County raise serious concerns about the violation of civil rights, equal protection, and due process.

3) Release of all body camera footage: We demand that all body camera footage be released to the public within seven days of any incident involving police violence. Transparency and accountability are crucial in building trust between law enforcement and the community they serve.

4) Removal of School Resource Officers (SROs): We advocate for the immediate removal of School Resource Officers from all public schools. Instead, we propose alternative approaches that prioritize restorative justice practices, mental health support, and counseling services to ensure a safe and nurturing educational environment for our youth.

5) Rescind SB4: We urge the repeal of SB4, which criminalizes youth. Instead of punitive measures, we believe in investing in rehabilitation, education, and mentorship programs that can address the underlying causes of youth involvement in crime.

6) Defund the Police and Increase Community Controlled Education Programming and Funding: We advocate for reallocating resources from law enforcement agencies to community-controlled education programs. Investing in education, particularly in underserved communities, can help create opportunities, prevent crime, and build a safer society for everyone.

7) Third-party investigations of police and sheriff's office: To ensure unbiased and independent investigations into incidents involving law enforcement, we demand the establishment of third-party mechanisms for oversight and accountability.