Recall Oakland Mills' Representative to the Columbia Association Board of Directors

Oakland Mills Village Board

The current representative to the CA Board from Oakland Mills does not represent her constituents and has proven herself to be indifferent to the pleas of Columbia residents who want the CA Board to behave legally and ethically.

The CA Board has made it very clear that they are not listening to the dozens of people who have attended Resident Speakout in recent months nor do they care about the 879 signatures added to the petition presented to the CA Board earlier this Fall. So now it's up to residents to hold their village representatives accountable for their dismissive, fiscally irresponsible, and unethical actions. Each village representative to the CA Board can be removed from that post by a simple majority vote of their Village Board.  We must put pressure on our elected village representatives to listen to their neighbors and DO THE RIGHT THING!

Why should you care? We're glad you asked! Here are the highlights:

  • The board has hired outside counsel to advise them on how to fire the President/CEO. They have already spent over $42,000 and have recently expanded the scope of work with the outside attorney.*
  • They refused to allow the President/CEO to appeal her performance review and allowed their attorney to engage in intimidating behavior** when Ms. Boyd refused to participate in a meeting without counsel present.
  • The board has held at least 9 closed meetings to discuss the President/CEO, most of which were not announced at the next open meeting per Maryland HOA law.*

Here's a list of articles that outline the appalling behavior of the CA Board in recent months and provide some context for this recall effort:

NOTE: Your street address is required so that the Village Board can verify that you are a CA assessment-paying resident of this village. Your personal information will NEVER be shared with anyone other than the organization being petitioned without your consent.

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Columbia, MD

To: Oakland Mills Village Board
From: [Your Name]

I do not approve of the way the current CA Board is operating.

As a village resident, I believe that Ginny Thomas no longer represents the views of most residents of Oakland Mills and should therefore NOT be representing our village on the Columbia Association Board of Directors.

I am asking the Oakland Mills Village Board to recall Ms. Thomas as our Columbia Council Representative and to appoint someone who better represents our diverse community.