Recall Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael E. Gates

Huntington Beach City Council

Please sign this petition to recall Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael E. Gates. The email text below will be sent to the Huntington Beach City Council on your behalf.

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Recall Gates
Huntington Beach, California

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We, the citizens of Huntington Beach demand the recall of Michael E. Gates. Gates has wasted countless tax payer dollars on frivolous lawsuits. Gates supports and promotes Q-anon conspiracies and organizations which tout them. Gates is a science denier, calling global warming a "hoax." Gates made a mockery of the police murder of George Floyd when he posted a religious image of a head being stomped in response to peaceful protests. Gates tried multiple times to get the attention of Donald Trump by tweeting him in support the election fraud conspiracy which led to the storming of our Capitol. Gates deleted his own Twitter account to get rid of all of his embarrassing tweets, but he claimed Twitter did it. Most recently, Gate's misconduct cost tax payers $4 Million (details: