Tell UC President Michael Drake and UC Campus Administrators: Recognize SRU-UAW now!

UC President Michael Drake and UC Campus Administrators

Despite supermajority support from Student Researchers, UC administrators are refusing to recognize SRU-UAW as the Union for all the Student Researchers who chose to form it. UC is using union-busting tactics – including the false claim that thousands of Student Researchers (Fellows and Trainees) are students, not workers – to deny collective bargaining rights. Tell UC President Michael Drake and UC Campus Administrators that ALL Student Researchers are workers with the right to form a union! Stop delaying, recognize Student Researchers United-UAW and start negotiations now!

If the UC administration gets its way, thousands of Student Researchers will not be able to negotiate collectively for enforceable protections against harassment and discrimination and health and safety hazards during the pandemic. Read these articles from Student Researchers about why they are forming a union:

• UC student researchers union would protect LGBTQ+ rights, ensure adequate wages
• Out of the Pandemic: UC Student Researchers Emerge United
• Student Researchers need a union to win workplace safety
• To advance equity goals, UC must recognize Student Researchers United
• 17,000 University of California Student Researchers could soon win a union
• Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionize

To: UC President Michael Drake and UC Campus Administrators
From: [Your Name]

A supermajority of Student Researchers chose to form a union, including Fellows and Trainees, who perform the same work for the same supervisors in the same labs, and make equal contributions to UC’s research mission. Respect their democratic decision and recognize Student Researchers United-UAW as the union for ALL Student Researchers now!