Ask Congress to Recognize American Muslim Roots!

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Muslims face discrimination and unfair negative media coverage constantly. The image of the terroristic Muslim is almost force-fed, often overshadowing the contributions American-Muslims have brought forth, whether it be Olympic medals or even work on the Apollo program. In a time where hate crimes and assaults against Muslims are sharply increasing and surpassing 9/11 era levels, the Muslim community needs positivity and strength more than ever. Sign the petition below to urge Congress to pass H. Res 276, which aims to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of Muslim Americans in this country.


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On May 3rd, 2018, a resolution titled “Recognizing American Muslims’ History and Contributions to Our Nation” [H. Res 276] was introduced to the House by Congresswoman Judy Chu. As you can infer from the name, it aims to recognize American-Muslim achievements in this country, and presents the overlooked positive achievements that Muslim Americans have brought forth to this country, from as far back as the revolutionary war to present day, from war heroes to groundbreaking scientists to athletes, and of all nationalities.

This resolution is critical in combating the constant negative, false narrative of terroristic Muslims unfairly portrayed in the media. There are countless reasons for the pressing necessity of this resolution, and in a time where hate crimes are on the rise and political tensions are at an all-time high, we ask that as our chosen representatives in Congress, you endorse and pass this resolution for your Muslim neighbor, friend, co-worker, constituents, and local community. Thank you.