Reform Solidcore Leadership

Anne Mahlum & Solidcore Board Members

Read the Buzzfeed article by Addy Baird in which "25 current and former employees, including senior corporate leaders, as well as coaches and a vendor who had previously worked with Solidcore, described an abusive workplace, marked by relentless bullying and favoritism from founder and CEO Anne Mahlum, who they allege has created a culture of fear, body-shaming, racial microaggressions, and sexual harassment" here.

Please sign and share this petition demanding immediate reform to Solidcore leadership.

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To: Anne Mahlum & Solidcore Board Members
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​We are calling for Anne Mahlum, Solidcore Founder and CEO, to step down immediately from her position in response to the recent Buzzfeed article confirming allegations of harassment and abuse. Should Anne refuse to step down we hope that the Solidcore Board - which includes Peterson Partners executives and Mr. Dave Grissen - will vote to save the integrity of the company and to protect its workers. We condemn their inaction thus far.

This request is being made out of love for Solidcore, deep desire to see it succeed, and belief that all coaches, managers, and employees deserve a safe, inclusive, and equitable working environment. This cannot be achieved under current leadership, which has “created a culture of fear, body-shaming, racial microaggressions, and sexual harassment”.


In signing this petition, Solidcore clients pledge to refrain from purchasing further classes and merchandise from Solidcore until Anne Mahlum ends her relationship with the company.