Reinstate Net Neutrality

FCC and Congress

The FCC just voted to propose a new rule to restore net neutrality.

That means it’s absolutely critical for you to show your support now and in the coming weeks. This is the best chance we’ve had to win a free and open internet, where companies are not allowed to block or gate-keep traffic or access, since the Trump administration’s disastrous decision to repeal net neutrality protections in 2017.

Telecom lobbyists are already working overtime to block or water down the FCC’s proposed rule. We need to take action NOW to voice our support for net neutrality.

Sign the petition: I support the restoration of net neutrality and open internet protections!

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I strongly support the FCC’s current effort to reinstate net neutrality and Title II authority, which is critical for an open internet, expanding broadband access, privacy protections, and public safety.

The agency must move forward a strong rule that rejects zero rating, ensures carriers don’t use interconnection to violate net neutrality, and allows states to add their own protections.