Reinstate NEU Rep Louise Lewis - North Huddersfield Trust

Mr. Andrew Fell, Head Teacher

Louise has been a senior member of staff at North Huddersfield Trust School for 7 years and has been the NEU representative for 4 years. Louise had been strictly following trade union advice to try and secure whole school and individual risk assessments for all staff as well for herself.  

Initially Mr Fell refused to engage with Louise over her request for risk assessments and had postponed at least 4 scheduled meetings with her. He also contacted the school’s HR department and even the local NEU branch office in Huddersfield asking to have her removed as union spokesperson.

Louise Lewis was suspended Thursday 1st October, the same day as the HSE inspection. The NEU believes this was a direct result of Louise undertaking her trade union duties and is a deliberate attempt to marginalise the NEU union voice, and as such, is also a threat to all union members in the school.  

The branch secretary of the NEU, Hazel Danson, met with Mr Fell on Monday 16th November to raise her concerns and call for the school to reinstate our representative and work with the union constructively. He refused.

Mr. Fell's actions are trade union victimisation and unacceptable.

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To: Mr. Andrew Fell, Head Teacher
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We the undersigned call on North Huddersfield Trust to immediately re-instate Louise Lewis.