Release Execution Drugs to Hospitals for COVID-19 Intubations

Various Governors

Use the Drugs to Save Lives, Not for Executions.

The medicalization of executions came about as a way to make killing prisoners easier on prison staff and witnesses. The process involves normally therapeutic drugs used in hospitals every day. Different states use various drugs in various combinations, and in many cases the names of the drugs, their sources, and quantities on-hand are secret. At this writing, executions are being put off so as to not consume state resources during the state of emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of shortages as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a group of medical professionals wrote an open letter urging that certain drugs stockpiled by state departments of correction be released for use in hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. (See background links below)

#1 - Please sign this petition for use with any government official as we determine which states are stockpiling drugs appropriate for treating COVID-19 or other patients.

#2 - If you live in a state with the death penalty on the books, in particular actively executing states like Alabama, Missouri, Ohio*, and Texas, please call your governor to ask them to a) Declare what drugs are used and what quantities are on-hand for executions, and b) to release said drugs immediately for use in hospitals to treat patients in need.

The Letter

Op-Ed by Austin Sarat

Associated Press Report

Op-Ed by Stephen Cooper

* In Ohio Moore than 20 execution dates are pending, however Governor DeWine has said the current execution protocol will not be used because of the threat of various state agencies being cut off by pharmaceutical companies.

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To: Various Governors
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We are writing to ask that you immediately release any stockpile of drugs intended for use in executions so that they may instead help provide life saving procedures for patients suffering from complications due to COVID-19.