Remove climate change denial from textbooks

McGraw-Hill & Pearson Education (textbook publishers)

In two weeks, students around the country could have textbooks that call into question the reality of climate change.

Two of the biggest textbook publishers in the country — Pearson and McGraw-Hill Education — have proposed new social studies textbooks in Texas that include inaccurate and misleading information about climate change.

Instead of learning the truth, a generation of students could be reading propaganda like this in their textbook:

  • McGraw-Hill Education (World Cultures & Geography) – in a section pulled from a publication written by the Heartland Institute, students are told, "Scientists who study the issue say it is impossible to tell if the recent small warming trend is
    natural, a continuation of the planet’s recovery from the more recent 'Little Ice Age,' or
    unnatural, the result of human greenhouse gas emissions.' This goes against the 97% majority of published scientific papers that agree climate change is due to human activity.
  • Pearson (Social Studies K-5) – Tells students, “Scientists disagree about what is causing climate change.”

If those books are approved in Texas on November 21, climate-change denial could find its way into textbooks around the nation.

Join with the National Center for Science Education and the Texas Freedom Network to Demand that Pearson and McGraw-Hill correct these problems.

To: McGraw-Hill & Pearson Education (textbook publishers)
From: [Your Name]

Students deserve the truth about climate change.

Including inaccurate information about climate change in your Texas social studies textbook calls into question your company’s commitment to academic and scientific integrity. And refusal to correct these serious problems would permanently damage your reputation with parents and educators around the country.

We’ll be watching closely to see your final decision at the Texas State Board of Education meeting on November 21.