Remove Jessica Martinez: Domestic Terrorists Have No Place on the Whittier City Council

Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri

On December 29th, Whittier Councilmember Jessica Martinez (District 1) tweeted that she was willing to "give up [her] life" to "take back" her country. Just seven days later, she was part of the violent, armed coup attempt on Capitol Hill. This was an act of domestic terrorism.

If you believe that domestic terrorists have no place in our city council, sign this petition to urge Mayor Joe Vinatieri to censure Councilmember Jessica Martinez from the January 12th city council meeting. Make sure you also email before January 12th with public comment demanding Martinez be prevented or "censured" from participating on the city council.

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Zenaida Huerta
Whittier, California
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To: Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mayor Vinatieri,

I am a resident of the city of Whittier who is outraged by Councilmember Jessica Martinez's role in the violent, armed coup attempt on Capitol Hill. Her act of domestic terrorism disqualifies her from participating in this city council. I urge you to "censure" her participation in council proceedings.