Tell Joe Biden to remove Larry Summers as economic advisor

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has a major trust gap that he must overcome with progressives and voters under 45 who voted overwhelmingly against him in the primary and who he’ll need to defeat Trump. Larry Summers’ legacy is advocating for policies that contributed to the skyrocketing inequality and climate crisis we’re living with today.

Here's his record:

  • Larry Summers was a prominent advocate for the Keystone XL Pipeline;
  • In 1991 he argued that Africa was under-polluted;
  • In 2005, Summers suggested that innate differences in sex may explain why fewer women succeed in science and math professions;
  • And under the Obama administration he opposed efforts to rapidly move our country toward a clean energy economy.

Tell Joe Biden to publicly reject Summers’ role as an economic advisor to better earn the trust of our generation.

To: Joe Biden
From: [Your Name]

I am calling on you to remove Larry Summers from your campaign.

Summers has put the interests of large corporations ahead of working families in the United States and around the world, fueled the climate crisis, and undermined efforts to ensure gender equality. In short, it is hard to imagine a worse person than Larry Summers to guide the next President toward an economy that works for all.