Repair and Reopen the Carousel House!!!

Philadelphia City Council Members

The City of Philadelphia has plans to demolish the Carousel House, the only rec center for people with disabilities in the city, and rebuild another center that will be for all the community. This basically means that the Carousel House will no longer be solely for the people with disabilities population.

The Carousel House Advisory Council does not agree with the plan that the City has made, and we have great concerns that the new plan of inclusion will not be in the best interest of the people with disabilities community. We believe that the people with disabilities community should be able to be involved in activities based on their personal preference and desire in a center dedicated exclusively for their needs. We believe that by having a specialized recreation center such as the Carousel House dedicated to the people with disabilities community, social relationships with peers and others are promoted. It is important for all people to be able to feel accepted, welcomed and have a sense of belonging, and not be stigmatized.

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Please help us save “our place, a special place”.

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I am one of your constituents and I'm reaching out today to tell you we need to repair and reopen the Carousel House, not close it as planned!