Resign Mitch O'Farrell

Mitch O'Farrell

Council member Mitch O'Farrell has proven incapable of leadership through his actions displacing the community at Echo Park Lake and his violent repression of Angelenos supporting the community.

Over two nights LAPD mobilized hundreds of officers to intimidate and attack us. Millions of dollars are being wasted on these efforts that will not solve the housing crisis.

The moral arc of the universe does not bend towards justice; it twists and shudders as we drag it into place. Now is the time to build with compassion and abundance, to organize ourselves and our communities, and to know that another world is possible.

#EchoParkRiseUp is not simply a story of police crackdown; it's a story of the unhoused demanding agency and refusing to be treated as subhuman trash or submissive charity cases, and of their housed neighbors throwing off the bigotry of society to recognize their personhood.

You can also email Mitch O'Farrell directly by clicking this link.

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We believe that we will win.

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Los Angeles, CA

To: Mitch O'Farrell
From: [Your Name]

It is time for you to resign.

By refusing to meet with the Echo Park Lake community, you have rejected the most effective partner for transitioning people to housing. By sending LAPD to destroy the camp, you shattered trust relationships that government service providers spent years building.

By sending hundreds of officers to brutalize and arrest Angelenos who supported their unhoused neighbors, LAPD put the lie to any claim of concern for public safety and demonstrated the worthlessness of its mission and leadership.

As Echo Park Lake is fenced off, we see the twisted and authoritarian logic in full flower: the police, NIMBYs, and their allies in city hall would sooner see the park inaccessible to anyone before they would accept the community that was fostered there.

Only days ago a scathing report about LAPD's conduct during the 2020 uprising was released. Every "reform" was ignored tonight as they targeted & arrested NLG legal observers & journalists, & threatened peaceful protesters with deadly force.

We know that #EchoParkRiseUp will not vanish - their spirit of self-determination has carved out a new path. The entire country watched and joined in their demand for independence: that the unhoused be treated as the people they are, with agency and respect.

We demand the resignation of Mitch O'Farrell, who abuses and gaslights his constituents and lies as often as he draws breath.

We demand the resignation of Chief Moore, the dissolution of LAPPL, and the defunding of LAPD so that we can invest in our communities.

We demand this in solidarity with everyone repressed by LAPD, threatened with violence, subjected to arrest, and forced from their homes.