RESIGN: These politicians have failed Illinois

Mike Bost (R-12th District) and Mary Miller (R-15th District)

The angry mob of armed white militants and their vile threats on our democracy we saw on January 6th were incited by some of our own elected representatives in Congress -- who signed onto President Trump’s baseless attempt to overturn a democratic election.

These attempts to violently overthrow the will of the voters are a direct result of the President’s incitement. And afterwards, these legislators from our state voted to overturn the results of the election:

  • Mike Bost (R-12th District)

  • Mary Miller (R-15th District)

These politicians have spent weeks feeding, fueling, and fomenting these attacks on our democracy. They have fundamentally violated their oath to our Constitution -- and must be removed from office immediately.

Common Cause Illinois is calling for the immediate resignation of every Illinois legislator who voted to overturn the election based on disinformation and in the aftermath of this violent insurrection. Will you join us?

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To: Mike Bost (R-12th District) and Mary Miller (R-15th District)
From: [Your Name]

Illinois’s elected representatives swore a sacred oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” But instead, by signing onto Trump’s attempt to overturn the election results -- the culmination of months of attacks on Black and Brown voters across the country -- some of our representatives have tried to subvert the very democracy we elected them to serve.

Every legislator who voted to overturn the election after this week’s violent attack on the Capitol has fundamentally violated their oath. They must resign their office immediately.