Santa Maria River Trail Expansion Support Petition

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

CAUSE youth leaders collecting petitions in person!

There Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors are considering whether to expand the existing Santa Maria River Trail to the city of Guadalupe. This expansion would benefit both the Santa Maria and Guadalupe communities by:

  • Increasing the communities’ access to nature/green spaces

  • Offering more opportunities for recreational activities to residents

  • Providing economic stimulation to local businesses in both cities

Join us in demanding that the county invests in the health of our community!

To: Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors
From: [Your Name]

Our communities deserve access to green spaces! Extending the river trail gives families a place to move around, working class families access to the coast, and our whole community a closer space to home where we can be active outdoors.

We urge you to move forward with the expansion of the river trail!