Tell Eric Fanning, Secretary of the Army: Overturn Chelsea Manning's solitary confinement sentence now!

Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

UPDATE: The U.S. Army has sentenced Chelsea Manning to 14 days (7 days suspended) of solitary confinement for charges directly related to her attempt to take her own life after years of abuse in prison.

Please sign this petition demanding that Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning overturn this sentence. No one should be punished for their own suicide attempt.

It is unnecessarily cruel to threaten Chelsea with additional punishment while in her very vulnerable state. Chelsea has been systematically mistreated by the U.S. government since she was first taken into custody in 2010, including long stretches of extreme solitary confinement even before she had ever been convicted.

Tell the Secretary Army: “This needs to end now. Overturn the sentence. No solitary confinement for Chelsea Manning.”

People all over the world are speaking out to support Chelsea. Please share the videos below widely.

Please, sign the petition and spread the word. Chelsea is depending on us.

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Punishing Chelsea Manning for attempting to take her own life after systemic mistreatment is inhumane. Drop these new charges, and immediately give Chelsea access to adequate health care.