Save Our Chicago Tribune

Chicago leaders, concerned citizens and local heroes

Chicago needs a trusted source of information to make sense of the events that shape our lives — from social movements to local taxes, from our childrens’ education to our government’s inner workings.

The Chicago Tribune and its suburban newspapers are the region's most important source of news that you can trust, and our journalists work hard every day to uncover the truth, demand accountability and tell you what you need to know to navigate your daily life.

Now, we need your help to save the Tribune and ensure that Chicagoans aren't left in the dark.

Across the nation, people are recognizing the vital role our newspapers play in our daily lives, our communities, our democracy. Join with people across our region and nationwide in calling for responsible ownership of Tribune Publishing newspapers.

Fight for truth. Save our Tribune.

To: Chicago leaders, concerned citizens and local heroes
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Stand with us.
Save our Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune's owner, Tribune Publishing, is gutting our newsrooms. You get less news because of it, and our communities suffer. Now, that situation is about to get worse, with the entrance of Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund known nationwide as the destroyer of local papers.

But there’s a solution...

Why A Locally Owned Tribune?
With responsible local ownership, the Tribune would join other legacy newspapers such as the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Tampa Bay Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Salt Lake Tribune that continue to thrive. Civic-minded owners at the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times have helped those papers flourish as well.

Chicago's voice deserves the same kind of guardianship.

With responsible ownership, we can end the creeping reduction of coverage our community has suffered for years. The Tribune will be able to continue to provide the news and information its audience relies on. Most importantly, the Tribune will also remain our public watchdog, dedicated to exposing government injustice and corruption.

Tribune Publishing ownership has consistently put the whims of the stock market and the thirst for extravagant payouts and executive pay ahead of its newspapers’ essential function in our democracy. The Tribune is not "broken" — it's a profitable enterprise that is being crippled by ownership demands of inflated, unrealistic profit margins.

Years of buying out and laying off journalists have put the company’s newsrooms in the position of deciding what towns and topics are covered — or not covered. Yet Tribune journalists continue to fight for our community, bringing Chicago crucial coverage of local events, vibrant culture and vital investigative journalism that results in immediate action by lawmakers.

Now, Tribune Publishing executives have opened the door to Alden, a vulture hedge fund that buys papers, loads them with debt, lays off staff, sells off assets, milks them of cash, then leaves them to bleed out. Alden is currently poised to gain effective control of the company.

We need your support. Stand with us and help to return the Tribune to Chicagoans who care about our community.