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Tribune has gutted our newsrooms. You get less news because of it, and our community suffers in ways both large and small.

But there’s a solution...

Why A Locally Owned, Non-Profit Orlando Sentinel?

As a non-profit, The Sentinel would join other legacy newspapers such as the Tampa Bay Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Salt Lake Tribune who continue to thrive.

Our local reporters, journalists, photographers and office management teams will be able to do their jobs — and end the creeping reduction of coverage we’ve suffered for years. The Sentinel will be able to continue to provide the features its audience relies on.

Most importantly, The Sentinel will also remain our public watchdog, dedicated to exposing government injustice and corruption. Freed from the pressure of corporate demands to deliver profits to shareholders, The Sentinel can focus on keeping state and local government accountable.

Save Our Sentinel

Tribune Publishing has consistently put the whims of the stock market and the thirst for payouts ahead of its newspapers’ essential function in our democracy.

Years of buying out and laying off journalists while continuing to pay dividends to shareholders have put the company’s newsrooms in the position of deciding what towns and topics are covered — or not covered.

Last year, Tribune Publishing executives opened the door to a vulture hedge fund, Alden Global Capital, known as the destroyer of newspapers. Alden buys papers, loads them with debt, lays off staff, sells off assets, milks them of cash, then leaves them to bleed out. Alden is poised to gain effective control of the company at the end of June.

We need your support. Sign our petition and help us free the press and return it to the Orlando community.