Save the Leigh Creek Coal Monuments

Government of SA

Bucyrus Eyrie - an original 9W walking dragline

Petition by
Flinders Communities
Adelaide, Australia

To: Government of SA
From: [Your Name]

Premier and responsible Ministers of South Australia,

The Leigh Creek Coal Mine Tourist lookout is threatened with destruction. The Monuments to the Coal Mining era and the coal miners were sold cheaply for scrap recently.

Flinders Ranges communities ask that you help us save these heritage items for current and future generations to enjoy and ponder.

New South Wales recognizes their Bucyrus Erie 9W excavator as a monument to their history and so should the government of SA assist with the preservation of mining and indigenous heritage (Yulus Coal) which is uniquely located together at this iconic post coal era lookout.

We, the undersigned petition the state government of South Australia to take steps immediately to save this site from destruction and to recognize it for what it is recognized for, a monument to the coal era and the people of the region.

Please spread the word so that we can preserve this heritage site forever.

With thanks,

Again, thanks for helping our communities, hope we can help yours as well ; )

The ABC is covering the story and here is a link to it :