SIGN NOW: Restore the USPS!

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

For months, Progress America has sounded the alarm about the need for investment in the US Postal Service, a model institution for simple, universal service in America. Then, Trump megadonor Louis DeJoy was installed as Postmaster General, and all hell broke loose.

The mail got slower. Mailboxes disappeared. Prescriptions stopped being delivered. And the President went on TV to say that he was breaking the postal service so that we can’t reliably vote by mail in November.

Today, DeJoy announced that he was suspending the dismantling of the Postal Service until after the election. But that’s not good enough.

671 high volume mail sorting machines were removed from USPS facilities, and each one handles 30,000 pieces of mail per day. We need them back.

Let’s be clear: The changes DeJoy is postponing will be bad after the election too. The US Postal Service is a SERVICE, enshrined in our constitution. Its promise of simple, universal service should be something that other services aspire to. The USPS unites rural and urban Americas like little else. It’s a piece of incredible infrastructure, just like the highways, that businesses rely on without even thinking about. That’s why we need to save it.

SIGN NOW: Louis DeJoy should resign as Postmaster General, and we need to restore the USPS to its full capacity!

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To: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy
From: [Your Name]

Today’s announcement that you’ll stop messing with the postal service until after the election is welcome―but not good enough. We demand that you restore the 671 mail sorting machines that were removed, and replace every mailbox you have torn down in recent weeks. And then you should resign.