Say NO to Predatory Nursing School in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Johnson

The Arizona College of Nursing is a for-profit college that recruits students of color and veterans by offering them the dream of a nursing career. But, like other predatory schools such as Everest, Sanford Brown and ITT Tech it does not deliver on its promises. It has an exceptionally high federal loan default rate of over 20% and low passing rates on the nursing state boards.

It has been sued for fraud by 19 students in Texas. If allowed to locate in Milwaukee it threatens to battle existing and legitimate nursing programs for scarce clinical spots.

Please sign our petition urging Milwaukee Mayor Johnson and the Milwaukee Common Council to say No to the AZCN.

To: Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Johnson
From: [Your Name]

Dear Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Johnson,

We, the undersigned, strongly believe that everyone deserves access to high quality education and healthcare, regardless of race, zip code, or income. That is why we stand in firm opposition to the for-profit Arizona College of Nursing coming to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has been here before. We will not let another for-profit college enrich itself at the expense of our most vulnerable and marginalized students. The Arizona College of Nursing appears to be no different, which is why a group of students has filed a lawsuit against the college accusing them of fraud.

For-profit colleges like the Arizona College of Nursing have a history of targeting Black and Latino students and military veterans with little experience in higher education falsely promising well-paying careers, job placement, transferable credits, and affordable tuition.. Research shows that students who opt for for-profit schools over similarly selective public colleges “borrow more, default at a higher rate, and have lower likelihood of employment.”

In addition, the Arizona College of Nursing is more expensive and less successful than other nursing programs in the Milwaukee area, as evidenced by its lower rates of success for students passing the certification exam to become a nurse, higher education costs, and alarmingly high rate of default on federal student loans.

We refuse to let this predatory institution exploit a very serious nursing workforce crisis to enrich itself at our community’s expense. We need to ensure nursing is a sustainable career choice and that we have enough dedicated nurses to provide quality healthcare to everyone who needs it. If this for-profit institution is permitted to operate in our City, they may end up battling for clinical space with the legitimate, established nursing programs already operating with greater success and accountability. We cannot let this happen.

Given these well documented issues, the Arizona College of Nursing is NOT a serious solution to our very serious problems AND will make things worse.

Say NO to the Arizona College of Nursing!