Say No to Industrial Energy Storage on Backbone Mountain

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

A new proposal by the company FreedomWorks would bring a massive industrial pumped storage facility to the Monongahela National Forest. The siting on this project is inappropriate. It would dam a tier 3 trout stream, impact sensitive species, and disturb the iconic Blackwater Canyon. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is accepting comments on FreedomWorks pre-permit application from now until December 28th. By signing this petition, you will join with Friends of Blackwater in objecting to the pumped storage facility.

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To: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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I oppose granting any sort of license or permit to the “Big Run Energy Storage Industrial Complex Proposal,” FERC Docket Number 14889.
This proposed huge industrial complex would destroy valuable public lands and scenic viewsheds in the world-famous Blackwater Canyon.
-It would damage major rivers and wipe out pristine streams.
-It would risk severe acid mine drainage water pollution and flooding.
-It would wipe out the homes of rare and endangered wildlife.