SeaWorld Must Stop False Claims about Captive Orcas

CEO Joel Manby

Several former visitors to SeaWorld, who paid to attend the marine park in San Diego, CA, filed suit against SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. on the basis of false and misleading claims made by SeaWorld about the health and welfare of captive orca whales.The plaintiffs are represented by Covington & Burling LLP, which is being assisted by Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project.

SeaWorld is luring people to buy tickets based on a pack of false and misleading statements, instead of revealing the cruel and unhealthy conditions that captive orcas have to endure. As one of the world’s leading advocacy groups for dolphins and whales, Earth Island will serve to advance the case and as an advisor to legal counsel and plaintiffs.

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We support the new lawsuit sponsored by Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project and call on SeaWorld's new CEO Joel Manby to cease and desist from their false and deceptive information dissemination about orcas aimed at misleading members of the public to buy tickets. SeaWorld is failing to tell the truth about - the cruel conditions of small sterile pools for large and intelligent orcas which lead to premature deaths of captive orcas, - separation of mother orcas from their calves, - the collapse of dorsal fins in male orcas in captivity that happens only extremely rarely in the wild, and - the routine administration of drugs to orcas in order to mask the impacts of stress and an unhealthy environment in small concrete tanks while falsely claiming that orcas are “happy” in captivity. We will not rest until the truth is told and SeaWorld retires orcas to protected ocean sea sanctuaries.