Secretary Clinton: Complete the First-Ever Presidential Questionnaire Focused on the Trans Community by May 27

Secretary Clinton


We recognize, welcome and need political leaders who will courageously stand with the trans community. Today, more than ever, trans people and our families are under an unprecedented level of attack - and it is the most vulnerable among us that suffer the most.

Trans United Fund distributed the first-ever Presidential Candidate Questionnaire focused on the transgender community to each presidential candidate.  Our team was proud to receive enthusiastic commitments from both Democratic candidates to fill out the questionnaire. The Sanders campaign followed through on that historic commitment—but the Clinton campaign has not.

We celebrate those that have taken stands on key trans issues—as both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders have in the past. We need leaders who will be bold enough to help define a future where all trans people can not just survive, but thrive. We need leaders whose promises we can trust. We believe that Secretary Clinton is such a leader, but it's our responsibility to ensure her campaign follows through on their commitment to completing our questionnaire.

Please sign our petition urging Secretary Clinton to complete our Presidential Candidate Questionnaire by Friday, May 27.

We seek a bold and unambiguous commitment to our community from all candidates that seek our support, to show that they will stand with the most vulnerable trans people and to show that we can trust their promises.

Please tell Secretary Clinton and her campaign team: Honor your commitment to complete the questionnaire and demonstrate your support for our community and our allies. We need your voice and your leadership now more than ever.

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Trans people, families of trans people and allies of trans people represent a diverse cross-section of Americans, a constituency that I am proud to be a part of. I am committed to the trans community, and in particular to the most vulnerable within the trans community.

I am troubled by Secretary Clinton's campaign team's non-response to the Presidential Candidate Questionnaire from Trans United Fund after the campaign committed to completing it.

There is no question that the trans community is under attack -- from the bullying of our youth, to the violence faced by adults, to rampant discrimination and a nationally coordinated attack on our rights.

I am urging you to honor your commitment to the trans community and complete the questionnaire from Trans United Fund immediately.