Senator Gardner: Put Colorado Kids First!

Senator Cory Gardner


Methane safeguards are crucial to cutting down the pollution that harms our children as they grow. Did you know? 1 in 12 Colorado kids have asthma.1 The national methane safeguards are based off of Colorado’s own rules - rules supported by both the local oil and gas industry, health officials and moms.

ON May 10th the US Senate voted to protect our families from methane air pollution; Senator Gardner voted against our kids’ health. 2

Now it's time for Senator Gardner to hear from Coloradans: tell him to stop siding with polluters and put our kids first >>

Colorado Moms Know Best is a network of parents standing up for our children by protecting Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life, especially our clean air. We connect concerned moms by building our online network, hosting get-togethers and weighing in on current policy impacting our kids’ health. Learn more about us at To learn more about this important issue, read Jen's recent blog, here.



To: Senator Cory Gardner
From: [Your Name]

Your recent vote on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to repeal BLM methane capture rules was extremely disappointing to our network of parents, Colorado Moms Know Best. Methane pollution and waste from natural gas operations contain chemicals that contribute to poor air quality, which can exacerbate asthma and contribute to other medical problems. Here in Colorado one in 12 children suffer from asthma. Additionally, some chemicals like benzene are particularly concerning as they are known carcinogens.

We had asked you not to put our children’s health at risk by allowing the important protections in the BLM Methane and Waste Prevention Rule to be repealed. Parents from our network called your office, sent you letters, even met with your staff about this issue. Unfortunately, you decided to vote against the interest of Coloradans generally and specifically against the clean air we value for the sake of our children.

As you know, Colorado's own methane standards were put into place by the Governor after working with all parties including Colorado Moms Know Best and many others. These rules have been working here in Colorado and enjoy great support by Coloradans. The BLM rule that you voted to repeal would have provided protections across the West and in the four corners area that suffers from nearby methane pollution and impacts coming in from New Mexico. It could have made a difference in those families and children's future.

Colorado parents were counting on you to do the right thing for the health of their children and to ensure that we have a healthy environment in which to raise our children. Unfortunately, you let us down. We hope next time, you’ll keep our children’s heatlh in mind when you vote.