Senators: Don't Hand Equifax a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE Card

U.S. Senate

Senate GOP leadership is considering holding a vote this week to block a CFPB rule to put an end to the “ripoff clauses” that let bad actors like Equifax get away with widespread harm. Now is not the time to hand Equifax a "Get Out of Jail Free" card!

Tell your Senator: Stop Wall Street’s Ripoff Clause. Oppose S.J.Res.47!

In the summer of 2017, hackers gained access to the personal information of over 143 million of Equifax's consumers. The hackers obtains access to names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some cases, even credit cards. But in the immediate wake of the cyberattack, the company offered “free” identity theft protection for those impacted, but only if the consumer waived their right to sue Equifax in a class action lawsuit!

The Consumer Bureau's rule would prevent companies like Equifax from doing that, by prohibiting bans on class actions. That's why it's so wrong that the Senate is considering overturning the CFPB's important rule.

Will you help us stop S.J.Res.47, which would stop the CFPB’s rule right as it’s getting started.

After you’ve signed the petition to your Senators, will you also give them a call at 202-224-3121? You can find a call script here.

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To: U.S. Senate
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Consumers like me already face a stacked deck when we try to hold financial giants like Equifax or Wells Fargo accountable for​ their actions. But now Congress is moving to take away our right to join together to challenge them in court. I​ ​​​support the Consumer​ ​​​Financial​ ​Protection​ ​​​Bureau's​ ​arbitration rule, which restores our legal rights and makes our financial system stronger and safer.​​​ ​​

Our Senators should stand with consumers like me, NOT financial giants trying to get away with widespread harm. Please vote NO on S.J. Res. 47​.